Frequently Asked Questions
How can I start participating in the project?

There are three easy steps in stepping into the project!

I have not received confirmation e-mail after the registration - what should I do?

Write to us () and we will try to help you!

The link that was sent to my mailbox does not function - what should I do?

It might happen, the link you have received might be inactive because of specific mailbox characteristics. Just copy the link and type it in.

It might also happen that you have clicked the link twice (it only works for the first time). In such case simply come back to the registration page and try logging in on the right side, using the email address and password you inscrited during the registration process.

If it still does not work, write us () and we will try to solve it!

Do I have to use my name and surname?

We will ask you for your name and surname during the registration. However, they will not be public. You will also be asked to write the name you will be using during the project. It can be either a nickname or your name and surname, depending on your choice. However, we highly recommend you to use your real name as a nickname. It will only be shown in the graph of your team and it can help your teammates recognize you on the chart. It is quite fun to get to know one another - for example, you might find out that your administrator does boxing every other day, your lecturer cycles to work (plus minus 10 km. daily), and your student rows more often than you walk!

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