07 May 2018

Join the University Summer Challenge! It's a challenge that was accepted by 18 universities in the World this year with regard to physical activity. The project was born after Vilnius University  Health and Sport Centre coined a pilot project in 2016 for Vilnius University community and the initiative was nominated among three most innovative academic sport projects in Europe.

The aim of the project is to increase physical activity within academic communities by challenging them into associating academic world with active lifestyle, and physical activity with fun! University Summer Challenge provides means for community members from different universities to register their physical activity on the website during the Summer. The registration starts on the 1st of June and finishes on the 31st of August! The project focuses on the social snow-ball effect idea that results bring out more results and, in other words: competing with oneself, one’s teammates and one’s rivals motivates and unites the competitors for a common goal of a healthy life-style!

How to participate?

The whole thing is very simple:

1. First, you have to be a student or an employee of a participant university (you can find the list of participant universities on the right!).

2. Second, you log in (on the 1st of June or later) by registering your e-mail (it will be your project-sign-in-name), indicating your university, your team (you will find the information given according to your department), setting your active future password and answering a surprise question. 

3. Third, you can sign in and register your physical activity by choosing the intensity level (low, moderate or high) and writing in the duration of the activity you have done. You can also optionally indicate a type of the activity and change the date. 

And now you are in the game! Even if just for a day or two. We are completely fine with that!

What makes it fun?

After registering your first result you can see it on graphic charts that visualise the context of overall physical activity within the academic world of the project. One of the charts will depict your individual data day by day, another one will show the results of your colleagues, students or teachers in your team, another chart will visualise all teams within your university, and the last one will demonstrate the results of all universities that participate in the project.

Different colours on the charts will help you see types of activities certain teams tend to practise. Who knows, you might find out that librarians row a lot and mathematicians love biking, or vice versa! After signing you will find a menu of options to choose from (walking, running, biking, swimming, canoeing, weightlifting, basketball, football and many more) - it's easy! However, some of the physical activity types might be unexpected - such as gardening, house work, park games with your kids and so on. Have you ever tried painting your ceiling? That's really tough and it certainly has to be counted in for the benefit of your team.

Not to mention all the additional contests and competitions that you must definitely take part in and receive the prizes. There will also be plenty of various articles, photos and videos depicting how colourful academic sports can be done during the Summer!



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