Porto universitetas

University of Porto mission is to create scientific, cultural and artistic knowledge, to provide higher education that is firmly rooted in research, to valorize knowledge both socially and economically, and to actively participate in the progress of the communities in which we are involved.
University of Porto’s Sports Center is an autonomous service of the University of Porto since February 4th, 2013 and has the mission to organize and manage the University’s infrastructure and sports facilities.
The main vocation of CDUP-UP is to promote and foster university sports for the entire U.Porto community. However, its audience also extends to the outside community.

Siekdami užtikrinti jums teikiamų paslaugų kokybę, Universiteto tinklalapiuose naudojame slapukus. Tęsdami naršymą jūs sutinkate su Vilniaus universiteto slapukų politika. Daugiau informacijos Sutinku