Panteono universitetas

Panteion University is interested in providing its community members with athletic & sports opportunities, an important expression of student activity. For this reason, the University Sports Center plays an important role in the university life, being a significant pole of attraction especially for students. Students at the Panteion University enjoy a wide range of athletic, cultural and leisure activities. Students have an opportunity to take part in many athletic programmes under the supervision of experts. The University Sports Centre organizes a great number of sports training sessions and competitions during the academic year.

Students engaged in sport can join the University student teams and compete in University Games, inter-university competitions and tournaments in Greece and abroad, as well as in International, European and Greek championships. Panteion University students have often won prizes in Athletic Games. The sports available at Panteion University are: Gymnastics, Football and mini soccer 5x5, Aerobics, Swimming, Basketball and Korfball, Hiking, Volleyball and Beach Volley 3x3, Mountain climbing, Weight lifting,Skiing, Martial arts, Badminton, Traditional and Contemporary dances, Modern dances, Rafting, Chess, Track and field Ping Pong.



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