The Academic College at Wingate

The Academic College at Wingate is an accredited institution of higher education that offers students combined academic and professional training for employment in the fields of movement, training, rehabilitation and sports, and for teaching Physical Education.

- To provide high level academic studies to train and prepare a cadre of professionals to engage in Physical Education, sport training, active recreation, dance, and rehabilitation through movement.
- To provide and promote professional training for teachers, coaches, managers and leaders in the fields of sport and movement.
- To serve as a center for supplementary studies, continuing education and in-service studies for those engaging in these fields.
- To heighten the public’s awareness of the contribution of the many forms of movement to human development and optimal functioning.

College graduates are certified to engage in education, teaching, training and rehabilitation in fields and disciplines related to Physical Education and sport. Studies include academic-pedagogic training and optional specialization in one of the sub-disciplines that comprise Physical Education. B.Ed. studies in Physical Education are divided between the School of Education and the School of Physical Education.

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